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C.P. Company x Palace Skateboards,Possible penalty: Amrabat challenge on Gvardiol

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com www. Italian luxury and London streetwear melt together as Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele invites Palace Skateboards to an astonishing collaboration. Although the two brands appear to be opposites at first glance, the Palace Gucci Collection discovers their common ground of approaches, obsessions, and meanings.

The designs focus on modern street culture as they unite the creative universes of both Palace and Gucci, captured in surreal imagery accompanying the collection. The film by Max Siedentopf connects the two different realities, thus encouraging viewers to discover their own anomalous affinities. The result is an inspiring collection of high-end streetwear, which bears the signature of two modern and acclaimed brands that have discovered new sides of themselves together.

During an exceptional fashion show amid the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, Alexander McQueen introduced its Spring Summer collection The clothing items in the collection are designated to have an empowering effect on their wearers, which is why the designs focus on cut, drape, and bold silhouettes.

In order to create the magnificent pieces, Sarah Burton gathered inspiration from the Dutch Painter Hieronymus Bosch, whose works are attached to the late Gothic as well as the Renaissance. The creative director was deeply fascinated by the dark yet beautiful paintings, from which she took on some elements for the collection.

High-profile models such as Naomi Campbell walked the circular runway, presenting black leather pieces, white mesh bodysuits, trenchcoats, cropped tailored jackets, and many more extraordinary garments in a rich color palette. In front of internationally renowned celebrities, including Janet Jackson, Sheila Atim, and Christopher Kane, they put together a magical show, perfectly staging the elegant clothing items.

Cooperated for the first time in , Hublot and Shepard Fairey now return with a fascinating collaboration, exclusively available in North America. In various fields, the artistic all-round talent and founder of the fashion brand OBEY Clothing was able to achieve success.

He gained particular notoriety for his poster Obama Hope from or the large-scale installation Earth Crisis from , the first-ever installation to be seen on the Eiffeltower. To follow up on the last collaboration between Shepard Fairey and the Swiss luxury watch brand from , they choose again a model from the Classic Fusion-Collection.

Distinguished by its all-black design, it consists of a chronograph movement, a ceramic case, and Hublot's classic black rubber strap as well as sapphire glass that covers the bottom of the case. Together, they form a partnership of superlatives, built on shared values and shaped by a relentless desire to make a positive difference on Earth.

Its core consists of the signature overshirt, the chore jacket, and matching jogger bottoms or narrow trousers as well as crewneck underpinnings and signature triple stitch shoes. The importance of values is what attracted Zegna and Real Madrid. Nothing is infinite.

The environment surrounding us, our lives as humans, and history are destined to change, even collapse. The constant threat of brutality and impermanence contends with the world we know.

The thus created tension is explored in the works of the artists Akeem Smith and Tommy Malekoff. In the exhibition BUILT, on view in Brutus Rotterdam, they present impressive and immersive installations, connecting film and architecture, time and space.

The video installation hence juxtaposes past artifacts with the own memory of the artist, creating awareness of beguiling oblivion affecting our memories. Beyond that, Forever and Forever , an imposing multi-channel video by Malekoff, will be on display at BUILT. It portrays how human intervention has impacted the American landscape up until now. To create this artwork, the artist traveled to the Everglades region of southern Florida, where a raw and primordial wilderness can be found, yet showing clear traces of human life.

During his two-year-long journey, he captured footage, which fluctuates between extreme beauty and decimation.

The exhibition BUILT will be open to the public from October 7th to November 20th at Brutus Rotterdam. Over one year ago, Canadian luxury outerwear label Moose Knuckles and Global superstar Post Malone started working on an exciting collaboration behind closed curtains. Now, the piece gender-neutral capsule collection is finally out. As someone experimental who expresses himself through his inventive style, Post Malone seems to fit perfectly with the rebellious spirit of Moose Knuckles.

The collection is about celebrating and doing things your own way based on your natural instincts. Furthermore, the collection is characterized by further customized design details such as all-black metal hardware, zippers, and a special edition logo on the above-mentioned 3Q jacket. In terms of accessories, the collaboration offers a sherpa baseball cap adorned with a new logo patch. For the first time in a collaboration, Moose Knuckles will also include the 3Q for children, providing the whole family with the eye-catching collection.

Portraying the Italian chill, a lot of the garments link traditional dress codes with outerwear thus making them more suitable for fall and winter. The collection stands out with unique clothing items, such as heavy leather jackets and elegant jumpsuits, combining exciting cut variations in their catchy appearance.

One of the highlights of the ICEBERG Fall Winter collection is the eco-leather embellished jacket for women, which features a lurex entwined furry collar alongside crystals, rounded studs, and Iceberg logo engraved buttons. Exuding to the spirit of the brand, its name ICEBERG is spelt out on both sleeves with rounded gunmetal studs. Also in terms of accessories, James Long delights with his new creations.

Defined by clean and elegant lines, these pointed-toe boots have an exceptional stiletto heel with a square base. The collection is based on the relationship between speech sounds and visual shapes and objects.

That is, the brand created a collage of elements, which discover their own balance while removing themselves from any logic. Hence, the collection celebrates dualisms and brazen creativity, disrupting social norms. With a playful approach, Sportmax constructed a collection around minimal but contrasting looks and hypnotic, luminescent patterns.

Techno-couture skirts matched with ultra-cropped tops. Streetwear gets linked to evening wear in a vivid palette of acid tones, pastels, deep colors, and black and white. Not only combine the garments different aesthetics but also different time eras.

For instance, A-lines and large flare silhouettes of the s are seen next to futuristic space age styles of the 60s and counterculture looks of the 90s. Regarding the accessories, Sportmax designed pneumatic bags as well as exceptional footwear such as second-skin boots.

The collection stands for an elegant, luxurious, and discreet style, reinforced through the beige colors, significant to the brand. As the core of the brand, knitwear becomes a feminine and contemporary element within the new collection. A highlight of the collection is the new Twin Wear category which consists of matching sets as a feminine alternative to dresses, jumpsuits, and suits, allowing versatile combinations.

The accessories of the Spring Summer collection seem contemporary and timeless at the same time. Taking on the neutral colors of the garments, these accessories can be described as minimalistic and pure.

Knitting techniques used for the clothes can also be seen on everyday accessories, whose material gets enhanced by special textures, such as nappa leathers with broderie anglaise-style embroidery. Jimmy Choo introduces the Varenne Avenue Collection for the coming season of Autumn as an extension of the beloved Varenne family. The design is distinguished by the new matelassé pattern and adorned with statement gold hardware as well as the iconic JC monogram. Modern yet timeless in its sensory feel, the collection stands out due to its playful colors of pink, gold, burgundy, and black.

Each of the pieces of the Varenne family is made in Italy, ensuring high quality and dedication to craftsmanship, significant to Jimmy Choo. The collection includes a square quad, shoulder, and clutch with gold and leather chain strap as well as the pouch clutch and small leather goods. The linear pattern draws inspiration from our urban habitat, the avenues we navigate daily dreaming with every step of arriving somewhere full of wonder.

Since its founding, CHANEL has been known for using tweed. Now, the material so significant to the French Maison gets to be the main inspiration for their new four-color eyeshadow palettes. Not only is the surface of each shade embossed with a tweed pattern, but they also resemble the intertwined fibers as they can be beautifully blended, varying in their intensity. Both distinguished by an elegant effortlessness, the special eyeshadow collection pairs the compacts with tweed pouches.

Available in four different harmonies, the palettes stand out due to their versatility which can create simple as well as sophisticated looks. The first one is titled Tweed Fauve and includes radiant warm colors, ranging from an intense aubergine to an amber gold. Tweed Cuivré is distinguished by a gold shimmer, that evokes richness and brilliance in the precious metals dear to Coco Chanel.

The third, Tweed Pourpre links softness with audacity as it combines pinks and mauves with a satin and iridescent finish. Natural brown and beige shades are finally offered in Tweed Brun et Rose. Since , MYKITA and the Paris and LA-based fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm have collaborated, creating extraordinary shades in various colors and shapes.

Hence, his garments radiate a sense of irony and absurdity. Together with MYKITA, he shares a deep interest in innovation. The modern manufactory is always striving for innovation and new technologies as it combines them with precise and high-quality craftsmanship.

A highlight of the collaboration is DAISUKE. The lenses form a shield over the eyes and nose, which is defined by a mirrored effect. Beyond the extraordinary design, the shades are characterized by their high quality. DAISUKE is made out of the material Mylon and crafted according to a patented screwless joint concept. Handcrafted in Berlin, DAISUKE joins further models of the collection in being extremely lightweight, providing a comfortable wearing sensation.

By combining the craftsmanship of MYKITA with the creativity of Bernhard Willhelm, united in their innovative approach, true statement pieces, and stylish shades emerge. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the international photography fair Unseen is returning to Amsterdam.

For this special occasion, 70 galleries, 65 publishers, and 12 special projects gather on the Westergasterrein in the Dutch capital. Creating an epicenter of the international world of photography, the event is defined by its intimate atmosphere and its high quality. The group of participants is composed of long-standing Dutch galleries such as Galerie Ron Mandos which presents photographs of Erwin Olaf and newcomers like Bitforms Gallery which specializes in digital art.

International contributions are also made by the Indian gallery Nature Morte and the Robert Morat Galerie from Berlin. This year, Unseen presents for the first time NFTs, as it explores the innovative offering of the digital art world.

Investigating the boundaries of the photographic medium, the prestigious fair also shows works of various artists in the exhibition UNBOUND. The Book Market showcases photography and art books of independent and international publishers, featuring a new Book Award in collaboration with GOST Books. Director Roderick van der Lee explains: "This year we have worked closely with several galleries to present this 10th edition of Unseen, making another global reflection of the latest developments in art photography, which has worked out very well.

With 70 galleries from 16 countries, including the US, Mexico, Morocco, India, Iran, and South Africa, this edition presents an inspiring picture of the direction in which the art form is moving. JW ERWIN OLAF Kleines Requiem VI, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Ron Mandos www. This innovation was followed by the strong and masculine Tambour Evolution in and the sleek Tambour Slim in The French Maison now celebrates its two decades of watchmaking with the Tambour Twenty, available in a limited edition of pieces.

Defined by a contemporary design of fine lines, the sneaker combines premium materials of smooth calfskin and suede. Available in a range of luminous colors, from black to gray to cream white, the B Sneakers speak to the codes of the British fashion designer Kim Jones. The model comes in six different low-top variations, united as they respectively connect formality and serenity in one model.

In the fashion show, Dior combined them with oversized, patterned coats and straight pants, creating a modern and cool outfit from head to toe. Ensuring high-quality and a comfortable wearing sensation, the B Sneakers completed and enhanced the silhouette of the Dior Winter collection.

As the art of detail is significant to the spirit of the French Maison, the CD Diamond Signature adorns the sole as well as the tongue and heel of the high-quality piece. Thus, it creates an ultimate urban look and true objects of desire. His new movie Dead For A Dollar, starring Christoph Waltz, Willem Dafoe, Rachel Brosnahan, and Benjamin Bratt premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Promoting art and culture is deeply rooted in the French Maison's history as Cartier pieces are featured in a variety of world-famous films and can be seen on red carpets around the world, worn by icons such as Grace Kelly and Josette Day.

For this reason, Cartier decided to organize an exhibition, showcasing jewels from the Cartier Collection, during the Biennale. Beyond the borders of the Festival, Cartier also engages in other projects in Venice to not only preserve the cultural heritage of the glorious city but also to support the ongoing development of its cultural life.

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Arnaud Carrez explains: "Dialogues with the art world have always been a source of creative inspiration for the Maison. Our collaboration with the Mostra is a new opportunity to bridge between all the artistic disciplines that are close to our hearts". Thus, Fujiwara and Who explore a variety of current topics, ranging from climate change to plastic surgery. In this manner, the bear continues his journey of self discovery.

The artwork reveals a paradox of our society as we strive for fantasy and authenticity all at the same time. The exhibition Who The Bær by Simon Fujiwara will be open to the public from October 15th, to January 30th, at Prada Aoyama Tokyo. During Berlin Fashion Week the young label SF1OG presented its latest collection called UNTITLED.

In a world of increasing disconnection and artificial realities, fashion designer and founder Rosa M. Dahl wanted to create something that revolves around craftsmanship, referring to material, tools and method. Dahl used to create sculptures together with her father in his studio. Made out of material remnants and found objects, these joint projects taught her the importance of craft, timeinvestement and concept. Within UNTITLED , materiality plays an important role, as it is the source of inspiration and attaches imperfect yet exciting notes to the designs.

To complete the outfits presented, SF1OG partnered up with Converse and Sides Step. They supplied the Berlin-based label with various converse styles, such as the Chuck Taylor All Star Terrain. The fashion show took place at the Feuerle Collection, which used to be a telecommunications bunker during the Second World War. Later it was renovated by British architect John Pawson.

The space exhibits contemporary art pieces alongside ancient Asian works, creating a dialogue between different eras and cultures as well as a unique energy. The exhibition is showing paintings, which revolve around relationships individuals have with themselves and other people.

An important component in the settings portrayed is time. It is depicted in the change of architecture and objects decorating the scene, creating a narrative which then again takes time to fully grasp. Seamlessly and smoothly, the Swedish artist paints interiors and pieces of furniture transitioning in one another, thus a couch can become a bathtub and so on.

In these sceneries Pashaei refers to human identities, which can be similarly structured as many dissonant, but woven rooms. Hence, the architecture depicts splitted identities, common for families of immigrants. Nevertheless, a room or a house holds and reveals all parts of the identity of the person living there. In many cases the painter uses the same symbolism in her works, such as a toy-like bird silhouette which represents childhood.

Depicted in various ways, the meanings differ from one to the other, for example a halved lemon symbolizes a secret gladly revealed. The exhibition Meaning in the off hours by Sofia Pashaei will be open to the public from September 8th to October 23rd, at Ballon Rouge in Brussels. JW SOFIA PASHAEI The Blue Room , Oil on linen, 80 x 60 cm Photo credit: Seppe Lewaut Courtesy of the artist and Ballon Rouge, Brussels www. His works deal with the stereotypes of black people that date back to the time of slavery and colonialism.

When Monteiro was still a child, he had a conversation with his father, which made him realize the subconscious effect of aesthetic details, such as clothing, on how we perceive each other. Many years later this conversation led him to create this series, trying to deconstruct this way of thinking. The title of the series, The 8 Mile Wall , refers to a wall of the same name in Detroit, which runs from 8 Mile Road to Pembroke Avenue for 0.

Built in , the wall was supposed to separate black and white homeowners as black people were not welcome on the other side of it, epitomizing racial discrimination. As his photographs portray his complex heritage, they also illustrate the difficult and ambivalent relationship between Europe and Africa, one of curiosity and rejection.

His works aim to break down the hurtful and widely used stereotypes by countering the clichés and presenting black people with dignity as a symbol of mental oppression. The exhibition The 8 Mile Wall will be open to the public from September 8th to November 11th, at Didier Claes in Brussels.

JW FABRICE MONTEIRO Pitit Noir, Digital art print, x cm Courtesy of the artists and Didier Claes, Brussels www. In the course of Brussels Gallery Weekend, Andrea Büttner is showing the second part of her exhibition Painted Ceiling and Floor at Jan Mot.

The German artist had previously shown the first part of this exhibition in an art gallery in London in the year of This time however, the artwork, a painted ceiling, rather resembles a painted grid.

Büttner had already shown such a grid in another gallery the previous year. The artist's main focus is to show ceiling painting as the connecting element between architecture and painting.

Furthermore, her works are reminiscent of Romanesque chapels, where the ceiling paintings have a special significance for the viewer's experience. Besides the ceiling, the floor of the gallery also becomes a work of art, as it is also painted by Büttner. In doing so the artist wants to entice a change of view from top to bottom since she is particularly interested in this kind of movement as a social and economic condition as well as one part of doing labor.

The exhibition Painted Ceiling and Floor by Andrea Büttner will be open to the public from September 8th to October 29th, at the gallery Jan Mot in Brussels. Gaining new perspectives on the brand and the collection from one another, creative director Matthieu Blazy brought together a cross-generational cast, composed of different fields, such as photography, cinematography, and modeling. This is the history and this is how we approached the project Since the imagery was produced over several weeks, the participating talents were able to form deeper connections, leading to an exciting exchange which then again enriched the outcome of the project.

Some of them have never worked in fashion before, others have a long history in it, hence the images link fresh and more experienced approaches to presenting the collection. They portray the true character of the brand, composed of movement and pragmatism as well as high quality and luxury. During his upcoming exhibition RAY, the Belgian artist Johan Tahon offers new insights into his work, which he displays in the gallery Gerhard Hofland.

To create his art, Tahon draws inspiration from his own life and environment as well as his subconsciousness. His sculptures seem like creatures from another, superordinate world who have been instructed to deliver messages and truths, while also posing fundamental questions to humanity.

An ancient atmosphere builds up around them, making them seem intense and kinetic but also strange as if they do not belong here. Fragile and yet tremendous, the sculptures are defined by their uneven surface, covered in hand-mixed glazes of a glowing palette of blue, white, and silver. Tahon explores the boundaries between the subconscious, our empirical world, and the beyond, resulting in timeless artifacts, distinguished by their deep gravity and vigorous materiality.

In his work, he moves closer and closer to a universal essence echoing the human urge to create a larger meaning. The exhibition RAY will be open to the public from September 2nd to October 8th, at the gallery Gerhard Hofland in Amsterdam. After having a pop-up tour in Germany, the Italian bag and accessory brand Borbonese now opens up a new boutique in Porto Cervo for the summer months.

In the enchanting town of the Italian island of Sardinia, where the high society of Europe likes to enjoy its vacation, the brand unfolds a new concept, which will later be adopted for further openings. The concept consists of combining elements of a boutique with elements of an art gallery, thus creating a unique retail experience and content conveyor.

For this matter, the brand has furnished the selling room with sustainable furniture, which can later be changed in position and composition to display the bags in different ways. As LED videos and neon elements round off the appearance of the store, a real and at the same time virtual experience emerges. The boutique will present new models from the Fall Winter collection, including the Epoque and , as well as the Strapcycle line of last season, made of a special and completely recycled polyester canvas by using Italian techniques of fishing and weaving.

To capture the unique spirit, heritage, and outlook of both brands, the Tokyo-based designer created packs that combine military utility with urban subculture in three highly functional styles. For this piece, Takahashi chose to also create a version in UC Black Denim that deviates from the usual monochromes, used for this collection.

It is fabricated from recycled lining, binding, and webbing and comes with a padded laptop sleeve and removable shoulder strap, thus joining the whole collection in its functionality and cool effortlessness. Inspired by nature, its fragility, and vibrant vitality, Iris van Herpen created undergarments with leaf embroidery and mystic ornaments, diving into a magical and botanical world.

As a new interpretation, she constructed straight lines, contrasting with the organic, embroidered motives. A seductive see-through effect is created, which continues at the back of the bra in a refined embroidery. The capsule includes ten pieces, three of which are different kinds of bras. Each of them has matching panties, which range from tanga to Italian slip to shorty made of Saint-Tropez-lace. Bringing together two masters of their craft who value luxurious materials, the exclusive Capsule collection merges seduction and savoir-faire.

The exceptional craftsmanship of Iris van Herpen and the decades of experience values of Aubade, result in an alluring and unique collection of high-quality lingerie. British artist Es Devlin has teamed up with Cartier and the London Wildlife Trust to present a large-scale public artwork in the Tate Modern Garden in central London.

The illuminated sculpture depicts a sliced open-scale model of the dome of St. Thus, the artist aims to motivate the visitors to further engage with the issue presented. Furthermore, London-based Choral groups will accompany the artwork each evening at sunset with an interpretation of Choral Evensong, a kind of sung evening prayer. Devlin combines the singing with the voices and sounds of the species, illustrating London as the interconnected web of species and cultures that it is.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 16th to the 25th of September uk www. Over the past years, the world has become aware of the importance of the home, as a space of peace, which should radiate a sense of peace. Not just a place to rest, but a place of comfort in line with one's own taste.

By introducing new forms of archival floral print and animal totems, this new collection brings the physical and spiritual beauty of nature to the home. It is a surprising and joyous juxtaposition of hues, patterns and designs, which forge new connections between previous opposites. The campaign envisioned by Alessandro Michele and realized with photographer Max Siedentopf perfectly encapsulates the Gucci Décor items' natural iconography through a mise-en-scène in the pristine setting of a topiary garden.

The lighthearted landscape with its lush greens provides the ideal poetic setting from which the natural curiosities seen throughout the collection can faithfully emerge. The Gucci Décor Collection will be released gradually in select Gucci boutiques across the globe and online.

Since , Max Mara and Whitechapel Gallery have partnered up to award the Max Mara Art Prize for Women. This is a biannual award supporting UK-based female artists who previously have not had a major solo exhibition, with the goal of promoting female artists and providing them with a platform. As part of the prize, each winning artist is awarded a six-month bespoke residency in Italy organized by Collezione Maramotti in order to create new works and evolve as an artist. Emma Talbot was the winner of the 8th edition of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women.

Following her win, Talbot spent her six-month residency in Italy researching textile craftsmanship, permaculture, classical mythology and exploring the countless historic sites and institutions. This new body of work explores the topics of representation and ageing, power and governance, and attitudes towards nature. It is a mixture of different mediums and materials, combining animation, free-hanging painted silk panels, three-dimensional work and drawings. Talbot taught herself animation during the lockdown and the resulting chapter animation is a central part of her exhibition.

Inspired by the Twelve Labors of Hercules, her protagonist also has to overcome a series of trials. But different to Hercules, who employed methods of destruction, theft, deceit and murder to overcome his obstacles, her protagonist finds solutions inspired by the 12 principles of permaculture, a practice of living sustainably and ethically with the land. Afterwards, the exhibition will travel to Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia from October 23rd until February 19th, The summer has finally started.

Either way, one should never come unprepared without the perfect accessory in the form of a timeless Hublot timepiece. Inspired by three legendary summer destinations, St. Tropez, Capri and Ibiza, to which Hublot also sails with its pop-up boutiques, the Swiss watchmaker now presents three limited editions, made from Hublot ceramic, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Ceramic Capri Boutique, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Ceramic Blue Ibiza Boutique and the Big Bang Unico St-Tropez Boutique.

Each of these three editions dives into the blues, each shining in a distinct shade of this truly essential and endless versatile colour. Each of these distinct shades of blue reflects the destinations by which these limited edition timepieces were inspired. The Big Bang Unico St-Tropez Boutique, limited to 30 pieces, mirrors the turquoise blue seas and the sky of this seaside citadel echoing the colours of Tahiti and Pampelonne beach.

The last of the three, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Ceramic Capri Boutique, also limited to 50 pieces, reflect the magic of the turquoise waters of the Grotta Azzurra contrasted with the dark grey of the grotto. Cartier is synonymous with luxury with each of its pieces symbolizing the convergence between exceptional craftsmanship and timeless signature. Open-minded and ever curious, its creations reveal beauty wherever it may be found.

This philosophy has been realized by the supreme craftsmen and artisans who translate each design into immaculate examples of jewelry, high jewelry or watchmaking. For 45 years, these resulting pieces have charmed residents and visitors of Amsterdam with its first boutique in the famous P. Hoofstraat opening in This winter, Cartier is opening its new boutique at P.

Hoofstraat , an open window to a world of style and timeless design. The new boutique will be an open window to timeless design, celebrating creativity and craftsmanship. Hoofstraat in Amsterdam. Until the opening of the new store, the current Cartier boutique will remain open. Stone Island has long been amongst the most innovative and forward-thinking brands when it comes to textile research.

From its beginnings, the brand has positioned itself as a symbol of extreme research of fibres and textiles utilized in innovative designs, gaining a loyal following throughout the decades. With the Prototype Research Series, Stone Island now offers the opportunity to acquire pieces that feature fabrics or treatments born from research and experimentation processes that have not yet been industrialized. Only available in very limited numbers, this series represents and embodies the cutting-edge research for which Stone Island has gained prominence.

For this piece, a fine Kevlar yarn is covered in cotton, which is, in turn, disintegrated through the dévoré printing technique, revealing an all-over pattern in a Kevlar characteristic yellow color, resembling a technical lace.

These are then treated with resin to add texture and strengthen the fibres. This time, he is also joined by Sébastien Tellier and Charlotte Casiraghi. Throughout the show, one could see the instantly recognizable and familiar CHANEL elements such as the tweed or the suiting, and one could feel the influence of her two predecessors.

Yet, Viard achieved to make the collection her own, taking references and inspiration from the works of Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld as a starting point to transform the pieces through her own vision. By working together closely with extraordinary makers and textile designers, this collection is defined by its interplay of textures, the masterful use of different materials and the gentle flow of perfect pleats which move just beautifully as they are elegant.

Each piece bears witness and is an ode to the extraordinary savoir-faire of the CHANEL ateliers, the skilful hands of the craftspeople who mastered their craft, as well as the fournisseurs who supply the French Maison with the textiles, accessories and embellishments of unparalleled quality. Louis Vuitton already has an impressive roster of brand ambassadors from all over the world, covering all different fields, ranging from the worlds of sports to cinema and entertainment.

To wear the magnificent pieces created by Francesca Amfitheatrof is a bedazzling pleasure, and Nicolas Ghesquiere, as ever, amazes and inspires me. Versace Resort Collection exudes fresh young energy. Designed to address the new generation, it combines a rebellious spirit with clubby acid florals. The Italian brand has presented a series of new outfits where clothes are paired in unusual ways. Floral chiffon dresses with 3D flower embroidery and jersey tops in Versace logo print are juxtaposed under biker-inspired dresses and jackets, as well as ultra-square shouldered tailoring is layered over sportswear pieces.

Then, the collection continues featuring pinstripe cargo pants and studded washed-denim jeans in a wide-leg cut, evening dresses in nocturnal neon colors, and knitwear and leggings with cutaways in a diamond motif. For accessories, Versace introduced new sunglasses, pumps, sling-backs, and kitten heels studded in metal, together with La Medusa bags made punk in all-over tonal point finishes.

Studs, metallic neon iteration with 3D floral embroidery, and pop colors embellished the whole Resort Collection. VB www. The Dries Van Noten SS23 Menswear Collection is a mix of contrasts. A sense of loucheness and sensuality is combined with the classic structure of sartorialism. Two worlds collide: on one side, refined, precious, and intimate aesthetic, while on the other, hard and robust outer layers act as armor. The collection is inspired by the Zazou subculture of Paris during WWII when the youth used to take refuge in the Pam Pam Cafe, dancing their troubles away to swing jazz.

The garments presented during the Paris Fashion Week also referred to the Buffalo-style movement that mixed masculine and feminine elements with joyous revelry. To follow, sequined embroidery on cycling shorts shows a glorious preciousness alongside technicality, while Western-style shirting, boots, and shoes give masculine cowboy vibes. Lastly, couture expressions are balanced with suiting; the huge plume on a rolled shoulder, the dramatic shape on a parka, and flowing patchwork shirt capes.

The Brioni SS23 collection reflects the aura of the nonchalance of Rome, captured in uncontrived shapes, in the softness of tailoring that suggests a relaxed way with formality.

The soft and light materials are perfect for summer, in painterly colors. With a suit, trench coat, small-collared blouson, and field jacket, each piece is sartorially made, with an effortless finish. Garments are made to fit an array of occasions, from spontaneous to leisure, always with an urban, dignified feel, embellished with round-toe loafers and leather sandals. A seersucker is worn with a matching shirt and no necktie. The materials consist of washed silk, seersucker, extremely light wools, and linen, light knit for the underpinnings, and textured knitwear meant as outerwear.

There is an array of cognac brown, earth, yellow, blue, grey, black, and white along with accents of pink, orange, and baby blue in the suits defined throughout the collection. Eveningwear in the collection is inspired by the Brioni archives, with creativity expressed through couture fabrics and unexpected colors. Overall, each garment is made to accompany life, in the long run, seeking eternal beauty. GH www. Lightweight fabrics, easy silhouettes, and a carefree mood define Armani SS23 Menswear Collection.

An ode to summer timeless elegance. Held at the intimate Via Borgonuovo basement space under his HQ and alongside his own house, Giorgio Armani revealed a fashion show that brought us on a journey through the desert dunes. Images of sand ridged by the wind, projected on the background, have accompanied the models who walked down the runway in pajama-like suits and shirts with extra long tails. The pale colors, white, sand, and dabs of black, as well as subtle textures, were outstanding.

Then, watery blues and navy followed in the collection, exalted in seersucker, linen, and washed and necktie silks. In the end, derby sandals with cut-out uppers, velcro-fastened espadrilles, and loafers completed the looks, replacing the classical sneakers with a renowned touch of lightness and boldness. Polo Ralph Lauren has unveiled the new uniforms for all Wimbledon on-court officials, including chair umpires, line umpires, ball boys, and girls. Celebrating the th anniversary of Centre Court in its current location on Church Road, Wimbledon, the brand designed a collection that combines the heritage of Polo Ralph Lauren with modern fabrications and silhouettes, focusing on the use of more sustainable materials.

Inspired by the elevated sense of style that spectators bring to The Championships, Polo Ralph Lauren designed a belted back sportscoat lined with a commemorative Ralph Lauren-designed signature Wimbledon print and paired with a wide Bengal stripe shirt, trouser, or white skirt with pearl button closure, specifically for umpires. Line umpire uniforms, instead, are refreshed with navy cardigans featuring a white and Wimbledon green striped cuff.

Then, for ball boys and girls, the brand presented the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt reinterpreted in a navy blue and white wide stripe in recycled material. The result is exclusive garments that emphasize comfort, breathability, moisture management, and ever-present craftsmanship, alongside contributing to have to positive social and environmental impact.

Dior has unveiled the CD Capsule Collection, a dialogue between Kim Jones and the legacy of Christian Dior. It presents some iconic classics of the Maison as the Dior Saddle Bag in typical Dior Grey grained leather, introducing, at the same time, a great novelty: an exclusive collaboration with Birkenstock.

Celebrating this influence, the two silhouettes mix functionality, and elegance in tribute to the couturier. Gucci has announced the arrival of a brand new series of Gucci Pop-Ups, with the initiative of connecting and engaging with clients across the world and their surrounding communities. Another exciting factor is the pop-up debuts in Alsterhaus in Hamburg. adidas x Gucci merges the emblems of each house to create iconic tailored streetwear creations.

Expanding from the initial adidas x Gucci lookbook, the collection involves a spectrum of sport-inspired pieces, distinguished by the same retro aesthetics of the show.

The kaleidoscope aesthetics of the collection are reflected in the creativity of the Pop-Ups dedicated to it. The space is defined by a perimeter of illuminated pointed arches complemented with vintage-inspired furniture. Elements featured are coated in the energetic retro print taken from the collection, combining the GG monogram with the sportswear brand Trefoil, amplifying the two legacies.

Born from the hedonistic vision of Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, the SS22 Collection features sequins, bright colors, and creative cutouts perfect for the thrilling nightlife of the Spanish island. There, the brand organized an exclusive weekend festival that started with a personalized Mercadillo and party at Las Dalias, followed by lunch at beachfront restaurant Cala Bonita the next day, and ended with an evening cocktail dinner at the newly opened Beach Caves at Six Senses.

It was an ode to escapism. Among the guest who attended the event were: Stéphane Bak, Amina Muaddi, Jahleel Weaver, Jeanne Cadieu, Blanca Miró, and Ziwe. This anthology series comprises five original films by McQueen. Each of these films has the potential to be a stand-alone piece, but also work seamlessly as a collective. The CD Diamond is the epitome of modernity and a classic symbol of Dior spirit. Originally designed by Marc Bohan, the iconic motif has been seen across Dior designs since the Miss Dior ready-to-wear collection of The canvas is also featured in black, ono the B23 sneakers, for a casual and sportswear style.

The design has also been extended to the Lingot line of bags, in a slim pouch, messenger, and briefcase version. These mesmerizing designs are the perfect continuation of the exemplary print that is maintaining its way of being an emblematic fundamental. Cartier has unveiled the new ambassadors of the Maison: Paul Mescal, JISOO, and Austin Butler. First is BAFTA TV Award winner and Emmy nominated actor Paul Mescal, who made a red carpet debut at the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival wearing the Pasha de Cartier Grille watch.

With her elegance and innate charm, she has been able to captivate an entire generation becoming the perfect embodiment of the magnetic aura of the panther. Last but not least, Austin Butler, the actor who played Elvis Presley in the much-anticipated Baz Luhrmann-directed movie, Elvis.

Austin, recognizable for his chic and classic approach to fashion, also attended the Cannes Film Festival wearing Cartier creations. The opulence of the Versace world is embodied in a new installation held at Palazzo della Permanente during the Milan Design Week. For this occasion, Donatella Versace worked with architects and designers Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini to give life to a dreamlike scenario where art and design merge together.

In this space, Versace's comprehensive home collection and all-new outdoor line take center stage. Contemporary seduction is the key. The red color is spread all around: across fabrics, leathers, precious silks, jacquards, and throughout the display.

The La Greca motif is extended into the interior decor with an almost architectural three-dimensionality. Then in terms of collections, Versace presented the La Medusa collection composed of a sofa, a Trono armchair, and an upholstered bed covered in an all-new vinyl material.

These pieces mix a youthful design with beautifully detailed stitching. The Stiletto collection introduces new objects in white, beige, and brown, and the Stiletto Outdoor collection features a three-dimensional weave of fabric straps coordinated with large, cozy cushions.

This line is exhibited in the Secret Garden of the palace. The installation will display from 7 to 12 June at the historic Porta Nuova in Milan. Future of Fashion aims to invite the world to discover the limitless possibilities of material innovation for creating a more nature-positive market.

All display materials will be recycled for future events to limit environmental effects. In addition, Future of Fashion will offer its guests the possibility to explore curated items by Stella McCartney as the Frayme Mylo bag, the first-ever luxury bag crafted from mycelium created in partnership with Bolt Threads.

In the brutalist spaces of Armani Silos, Giorgio Armani has set up a unique installation to present the new Armani Casa Collection. The Italian brand has designed furniture and accessories that combine design research, material richness, subtle multiculturalism, and a distinct sense of rarefaction for the Salone del Mobile The exhibition is structured into eight themes that correspond to eight different environments.

Each piece is set in context with the inspiration from which it originated in a way that visitors can feel and imagine the creative journey that leads from the starting point to the finished piece of furniture. Starting with the water: this section is characterized by a calm and peaceful ambiance, with natural references and s and s elegance that give life to the MORFEO bed and other unique objects. The space devoted to China presents a powerful contrast between red, the color of joy and good fortune, and non-color.

Here, the JYLIA chairs in lacquered wood create a symbolic four-lobed figure within an environment entirely clad in black. Then, a third room dedicated to nature, travel, and discovery, exhibits the painting of a tiger, the feline that dominates the current year in the Chinese zodiac.

In this space, the RENOIR sofa covered in the SAO PAULO fabric is the main protagonist. In the end, there is the sailing ship ensemble, which includes the PASCAL armchair and the SPACE table, both inspired by early twentieth-century ocean liners. In addition, accessories such as a wool blanket with matching cushion, thermos flask, and croquet mallets, among many others, complete the proposal. Just like the first presentation in January, the Creative Director framed the show in childlike whimsy, a Louis Dreamhouse, displaying the wonder that exists within boyhood.

Opening the show was a cinematic prelude by director Sivaroj Kongsakul portraying the Boyhood Ideology® key to the philosophy of Virgil Abloh. And in that study, you realize that teenagers on opposite sides of the world are dealing with the same things. It reflects the fact that, fundamentally, we are all one.

Summer means freedom, sea, sun, and vacations, exactly what Versace portrays in the new La Vacanza Campaign. Starring model and actress Iris Law, the images depict a group beach holiday with unapologetic flair and energetic fun in the Very Versace style. Barocco print bikinis, silk shirts, and swimming trunks, together with silk scarves tied around the La Medusa basket bag, are bold, seductive, and joyful items that will make your summer days exciting and vibrant.

Wide canvas tote bags featuring the Versace logo and Medusa plaque are the perfect styles for the beach, as well as the new colorful sandals made both for men and women. In addition, new leather footwear with light rubber soles and golden Medusa Biggie medallion hardware, along with the innovative Medusa Dimension sliders crafted from molded super-lightweight rubber with swirling Baroque flourishes, are added to Versace's repertoire.

Captured by photographer Camille Summers-Valli, the campaign results in a series of searingly bright and fiery images celebrating the most anticipated season of the year. Since , the Nudo ring has been a pioneer in the jewelry industry. Made to be stacked, women quickly fell in love with the Nudo, starting a twenty-year journey of continued success and a rainbow of color gemstone options.

Now, twenty-one years on, the Nudo Solitaire has been born, unmistakably Nudo, but in a new sparkling white guise. This piece could be an unconventional engagement ring or could be fitting as a glamorous right-hand ring. The ring features a 0.

Seamlessly giving way to a glittering pavé, the diamonds are perfectly set into a smooth halo around the central diamond. The opulence of this new Nudo design is further highlighted by the shank being set with a row of diamonds that taper down the side of the ring.

The ring is made in Fairmined white gold, a certified source of gold direct from artisanal mines in South America, and the diamonds are sourced from certified suppliers. As the peak of summer is fast approaching, Fendi has announced its opening of a new boutique on the sunny Greek island of Mykonos. Inspired by Mediterranean culture and local architecture, the 90 square meter store is installed in a two-level white building, with sunlight filtering inside through elongated windows.

The boutique welcomes the entire FENDI universe, with all categories from the womenswear and menswear lines. The look and feel across the spaces are chic and elegant, combining natural elements such as oak wood flooring with light blue resin inserts. Raffia wallpaper and elements nodding to a marine theme define the fitting rooms, while the furniture includes bespoke pieces in travertine mixed with wood, rattan, and bamboo pieces. Two terraces are designed to give continuity to the indoor feel.

A special rendition of the Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU medium bag will be offered as an exclusive for Europe in the Mykonos boutique. Available in white croco, with white leather lining featuring a shiny finishing together with a Pequin motif wooden handle and palladium accessories. As part of Stone Island Sound, a curatorial project that supports independent artistic production, the Italian clothing brand partnered with the C2C Festival to celebrate contemporary music.

The project aims to create a global sound map of avant-garde and new pop. This year, STONE ISLAND PRESENTS event took place in Berlin at Wilhelm Hallen, the former Winkelhof iron foundry, now transformed into a vast post-industrial space famous among the local creative community. Then, the duo composed of Chris Vargas and Tobias Rochman made its appearance, followed by the unique performance by Warp Records Italian experimental musician and visual artist Lorenzo Senni.

To close the event were Skee Mask AKA Bryan Müller and Kenyan artist KMRU. The result was multicolored chaos of genres to promote cultural independence and quality productions. At first glance, the new Cosmonaute is very similar in appearance to the original, made timeless with an all-black dial and black alligator strap or seven-row stainless-steel bracelet.

Whilst honoring the aesthetics of the original Cosmonaute, subtle updates work almost imperceptibly to give it its modern retro appeal.

The models walked down the runway covered in black fetish bodysuits as obscure identities. The collection also presented extra-formal clothing such as bodycon gowns, reconstructed tuxedos, floor-length silk trenches with trains, and the collaboration between Balenciaga and adidas.

In addition, the Spring 23 Collection includes the oversized, padded XL Pump, thick steroid boots, and the Stage Shoe featuring a heel-less sock pump on a flat platform connected only to its toe. We'll find out if the CMA agrees when it completes its in-depth, "Phase 2" investigation opens in new tab into the Activision Blizzard acquisition, which is some way off yet. For now, we'll have to content ourselves with poring over these kinds of corporate submissions for more interesting tidbits like this one.

So far, we've already learned that Microsoft privately has a gloomy forecast for the future of cloud gaming opens in new tab , and that the company thinks Sony shouldn't worry so much since, hey, future COD games might be as underwhelming as Vanguard opens in new tab.

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ESPN FC's Dale Johnson explains why VAR chose not to disallow Japan's 2nd goal against Spain. We're analysing every VAR decision made throughout all 64 games at the World Cup. After each game, we take a look at the major incidents to examine and explain the process both in terms of VAR protocol and the Laws of the Game. Leading to goals: 6 Leading to disallowed goals: 10 Penalties awarded: 10 6 missed ~ for holding: 2 ~ for handball: 2 Penalties cancelled: 1 offside Penalty retakes: 1 GK encroaching Rejected penalties: 2 Goals ruled out for offside: 8 Goals after incorrect offside: 2 Red cards: 1.

What happened: In the 75th minute, Gvardiol got in front of Amrabat inside the area and appeared to be clipped. Qatari referee Abdulrahman Al-Jassim waved away the appeals and play continued for over a minute while a VAR review took place in the background.

VAR review: This all comes down to the motives of the attacker being very important in any VAR review for a penalty. The VAR, Julio Bascunan of Chile, should look for contact, ask if that contact has a consequence, and consider if the attacking player used that contact to try to win a penalty. Contact alone is not sufficient. After the contact on his left foot, Gvardiol takes a step to control the ball with his left foot and then drags his right foot along the turf -- the VAR will specifically look for this -- and theatrically goes to ground.

This is a textbook example of a player trying to give the impression of a level of contact and effectively simulate the fall. If the referee had given the spot kick it probably would have stood, because the decision on the pitch carries most weight, but it's unlikely to be given through VAR. There was such a soft decision in this World Cup given to Saudi Arabia against Poland , for Krystian Bielik 's challenge on Saleh Al-Shehri , though that is an outlier in this tournament. What happened: In the 27th minute, Theo Hernandez had a heavy touch on the ball just inside the area.

Sofiane Boufal came in to challenge the France defender but Hernandez got a touch on the ball first. Referee Cesar Ramos of Mexico gave the free kick against Boufal and booked the Morocco player for the challenge.

VAR review: A controversial outcome, because what is certain is that Boufal shouldn't have been booked. The Morocco player made no challenge and was in fact kicked by Hernandez. So how does the game still continue with a free kick to France and a caution for Boufal? This comes down to whether you think the touch on the ball by Hernandez cancels out the possibility of the penalty. It can, but a touch on the ball doesn't allow the defender to challenge an opponent in any manner. The touch on the ball will be the justification for the VAR, but if the defender's challenge is deemed to be reckless or out of control, the VAR should still be looking to advise an overturn for a penalty kick.

Hernandez plays the ball with his left foot, but then makes contact with Boufal with his right leg; the follow-through was not justifiable by the touch on the ball and the challenge that came after.

The VAR, Drew Fischer of Canada, has been one of the most active of the tournament, with this being his eighth appointment as lead video assistant. He was the VAR who advised Saudi Arabia should be awarded a very soft penalty against Poland , with Salem Al-Dawsari 's effort saved by Wojciech Szczesny.

This feels more of a penalty than that incident. The only way Boufal's yellow card could be rescinded would be if there was a VAR overturn to award a penalty. What happened: Dayot Upamecano won the ball off Bukayo Saka just outside his own area, and set up a break that resulted in Aurelien Tchouameni giving France a 17th-minute lead, but there was a VAR check for the tackle.

VAR review: The VAR, Nicolas Gallo of Colombia, has two things to consider: is the challenge within the attacking phase, and was it a clear and obvious error by the referee, Wilton Sampaio of Brazil, not to award a free kick. The challenge came 27 seconds before Tchouameni's shot hit the back of the net, and while time is not the ultimate factor in determining the start of the attacking phase it can influence the decision.

It's more about the team that lost possession being in a position to win the ball back, and also if the attacking team stopped its forward momentum. It's arguable neither of these were present, but to go so far back in a game to disallow a goal would be something we haven't see at this World Cup. The second question is over the challenge itself.

We can see from the replays that Upamecano caught Saka's left foot, causing him to fall over and lose possession. But was it a clear and obvious error for the referee not to see that? It's a tough one to call, and while it should be a free kick there probably isn't enough to cross the threshold for a VAR intervention.

What happened: In the 25th minute, Harry Kane went down on the edge of the area after robbing Upamecano of the ball. Referee Sampaio waved play on, but there was a lengthy VAR review for a penalty. VAR review: This was a definite foul by Upamecano, who caught Kane on the back of his calf just has he was entering the area.

But the VAR can only rule on the penalty and not a missed free kick. So, if the foul takes place on the line or in the area it's a penalty; if the foul takes place outside the area play continues from the point it was stopped. This all comes down the VAR needing the weight of evidence to prove where the foul contact took place -- just like with the ball in play on Japan's winning goal against Spain. The VAR will take the moment of contact which causes the foul: where is that part of Kane's leg in relation to the line the line belongs to the box, so it's a penalty if on it.

That Kane falls into the area, or has a foot inside it when contact is made isn't relevant. The VAR will check every available angle there are far more than we are shown on the television to try to work out where this contact was, using multiple synced cameras to the same frame. The angles shown on TV really weren't conclusive, and only the camera square to the penalty area line can really give the VAR the best evidence.

In this case, it was decided that contact was just outside the area, or at least there wasn't the evidence it was on the line.

But this again highlights the unacceptable level of information on VAR decisions from FIFA within games. It only shows fans what the VAR is viewing if the referee is at the monitor. Otherwise, it all goes on in the background and everyone is left to guess about the process. We all want to hear the audio from the VAR room, but at the moment FIFA and UEFA for that matter and reluctant to even show supporters what the team is looking at.

What happened: In the 80th minute, Jude Bellingham attempted a long ball over the top to Mason Mount , who was knocked to the ground by Theo Hernandez.

Referee Sampaio again waved play on as the ball ran through to goalkeeper Hugo Lloris , but the VAR advised there should be a penalty. VAR review: This was undoubtedly the correct decision, with the referee appearing to have his view of the incident blocked by France defender Raphael Varane.

Hernandez had no intention of playing the ball and clearly used his upper body with force to knock Mount over, rather than it being shoulder to shoulder. Hernandez was booked, and several England players were shocked he was not shown a red card for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.

Mount wasn't in control of the ball, and there is certainly enough doubt he would have got on the end of it and had a strong chance to score, so for that reason a yellow was a fair outcome. What happened: In first half stoppage time, Bruno Fernandes went to ground inside the area as Morocco defender Achraf Hakimi looked to avoid making contact.

Referee Facundo Tello of Argentina waved away claims for a penalty, but the VAR, fellow Argentine Mauro Vigliano, began a review. VAR review: From the replays it's very difficult to see if there was any contact by Hakimi on Fernandes, and even if there was the Portugal midfielder without doubt exaggerated the fall. Referees and VARs are very much looking for situations where an attacker may embellish the way they go to ground in an attempt to win a penalty for minor contact, so a spot kick was never a likely outcome in this case.

What happened: In the 86th minute, Fernandes swung a cross in from the right wing and after Jawad El Yamiq dived low to attempt to head the ball away, it struck his arm. The referee wasn't interested in Portugal's claims for a penalty kick. VAR review: A simple and quick review. If a defender plays the ball onto their own arm in a deliberate play of the ball, it cannot be a handball offence even if the arm is away from the body.

The logic behind it is that if a player is making a defensive clearance, there can be no intent to handball by having the arm away from the body. It is possible for a penalty to be awarded if the ball comes off a defender and onto their arm, but only via a deflection and not a play of the ball. What happened: Deep into added time, Kamil Grosicki attempted to cross the ball into the area, and it hit France defender Dayot Upamecano as he turned away.

The referee, Jesus Valenzuela of Venezuela , awarded the corner despite the Poland winger's claims for handball. VAR decision: Penalty, Robert Lewandowski 's effort saved by Hugo Lloris. However, the goalkeeper was off his line when the penalty was kicked, so the VAR ordered a retake and the striker converted at the second attempt.

VAR review: If the ball had hit Upamecano on his left arm, which was tucked into his body, then the VAR, fellow Venezuelan Juan Soto, wouldn't have advised a penalty. However, Upamecano's arm was out and created a barrier for the cross into the area.

It may seem like a harsh decision, especially with the proximity of the defender to the cross when it was played, but it's correct in law. Also, a goalkeeper must have at least one foot on or above the line when a penalty is struck, and Lewandowski's feint meant Lloris was already well off his line at the point of the shot; a simple VAR decision to order the retake.

What happened: In the 58th minute, Darwin Nunez broke into the box and was challenged by Ghana defender Daniel Amartey. Referee Siebert waved away claims for a penalty, but the VAR advised he should go to the monitor to review the incident. VAR review: For only the second time in the tournament, a referee stuck by his originally decision after being sent to the pitchside monitor -- but it's the first time the specific reason for the review has been rejected.

In Denmark vs. Tunisia , the referee spotted a foul in the buildup when reviewing a possible handball penalty. Referee Daniel Siebert took a long look at the incident from several angles, and ultimately concluded he hadn't made a clear and obvious error to allow play to continue. There is no doubt Amartey gets a toe to the ball, the question is whether he fouled Nunez in the process of reaching for it. Some angles suggested he got the Uruguay striker first and then the ball, others were less conclusive.

Some will argue this should have been a spot kick, but it is a borderline decision and you can't argue with the referee standing by his judgement after he's been shown all the angles. There's nothing wrong with the VAR, fellow German Bastian Dankert, advising the review and it being rejected.

If reviews were never turned down by the referee, it would suggest that VARs are infallible -- which clearly can't be the case because these are subjective, human decisions and not binary.

The ball had hit Nunez's arm before he was brought down, but this was not assessed. Play restarted with a dropped ball it wasn't out of play when the referee spotted the game for the review , rather than a free kick to Ghana in their own penalty area for the handball.

Uruguay had another claim for a penalty in injury time when Edinson Cavani tangled legs with Alidu Seidu. This is similar to Canada's penalty claim vs. Belgium, when Richie Laryea tangled with Axel Witsel. They are the kind of challenges which are usually left to the on-field decision -- whether the referee has given the penalty or not. What happened: In the 15th minute, Jordan Ayew had a shot on goal, which Andre Ayew moved out of the way of.

It was palmed out by goalkeeper Sergio Rochet , but only as far as Mohammed Kudus. When the Ghana striker got to the ball, Rochet came rushing out and collided with him. But any claims for a penalty were silenced when the offside flag went up against Andre Ayew, before the decision was reviewed. VAR review: A simple decision, even if it comes in two parts. The first question is offside against Andre Ayew. Even though he didn't touch the ball, his movement to allow the shot to pass through to goal would have been an offence.

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government,Possible penalty: Foul by Hernandez on Boufal

WebThe latest Lifestyle | Daily Life news, tips, opinion and advice from The Sydney Morning Herald covering life and relationships, beauty, fashion, health & wellbeing WebAt the monitor the referee has all options open to him, and if he sees an attacking infringement before the incident highlighted by the VAR he has the right to penalise the first offence Web21/10/ · A footnote in Microsoft's submission to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has let slip the reason behind Call of Duty's absence from the Xbox Game Pass library: Sony and WebSince , the Nudo ring has been a pioneer in the jewelry industry. This simple yet game-changing silhouette of the Nudo was Pomellatto’s unique take on the omnipresent diamond engagement ring. Made to be stacked, women quickly fell in love with the Nudo, starting a twenty-year journey of continued success and a rainbow of color gemstone Web14/12/ · At the monitor the referee has all options open to him, and if he sees an attacking infringement before the incident highlighted by the VAR he has the right to penalise the first offence Web16/09/ · New California laws will create 4 million jobs, reduce the state’s oil use by 91%, cut air pollution by 60%, protect communities from oil drilling, and accelerate the state’s transition to clean ... read more

Moncler, the luxury outerwear producer, has made a name for itself over recent years as one of the foremost producers of fashionable and functional winter styles. From its beginnings, the brand has positioned itself as a symbol of extreme research of fibres and textiles utilized in innovative designs, gaining a loyal following throughout the decades. Out of his familiar native Mushroom Kingdom, Mario now comes riding back in on what is surely another familiar household name, the Eastpak. Then, the referee himself. What happened: Tajon Buchanan 's shot in the eighth minute was blocked by Yannick Carrasco.

However, the France striker made no attempt to play the ball or challenge an opponent. Mark Baldassare President and CEO Public Policy Institute of California. This doesn't prevent a VAR review, though it's poor process because the referee should hold play rather than blow the final whistle, momentum infallible binary options, if possible, if a review is taking place. Why were Iran given a penalty when England weren't? VAR review: This drills right to the very heart of the offside law, and the definition of a "deliberate play" to reset a phase. Momentum infallible binary options VAR protocol itself, referee Conger had blown for full-time.